Gluten-free is more than a diet it's a Lifestyle!
Gluten can irritate your skin not just your digestive system. Some people experience
intensely itchy and blistering skin. Others may just have very dry skin. Products that
you wouldn't even think of can contain gluten.

Gluten can be found in everyday products such as make-up, toothpaste, skin lotion,
soap, shampoo and conditioner, laundry soap, dryer sheets...and the list goes on.

Many companies tell you to read the label and call them with the product in hand to
receive gluten information or any other questions about ingredients.
I would like to know in advance if it is gluten-free and I'm sure you would too.

Medicines can also contain gluten. A great site, has information
on over-the-counter drugs and prescription drugs.  
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