Gluten-free is more than a diet it's a Lifestyle!

GLUTEN-FREE FOOD by Company  G - L
Gates Bar-B-Q - bbq sauces and seasoning mixes (email 11/04/08)

Gatorade - All Gatorade products including:  Gatorade Thirst Quencher,
Endurance Formula, Energy Drink, Nutrition Shake and Propel Fit Water (email 08)

General Mills  Live Gluten Freely is a new site. General Mills now has
over 250 gluten-free products. (website 7/18/10)

Glutino Food Group - - click products, variety of gluten-free products, baking
goods, brown rice pastas, frozen Entrees, desserts, snacks...(08)

Hain Celestial Group - 1-800-434-4246 -  Besides declaring major allergens, their
labeling always declares gluten containing ingredients.  New website - (email 10/11/08)

Healthy Choice - Healthy Choice Soups (Fiesta Chicken, Chicken & Rice, Vegetable
Beef, Country Vegetable, and Split Pea and Ham) call 1-800-323-9980 for more info
cannot guarantee (04/08)

Heinz - - extensive list, Heinz Gluten-free Products Around the World (8/12/10)

Herb-Ox Bouillon - Beef, Chicken, Vegetable, Garlic Chicken (08)

Hershey's - - no longer has a list, call 1-800-468-1714 (email 04/08)

HoneyBaked Ham - "Hams that are shipped from the Ohio shipping facility, or 800-641-8290, are 100% gluten free.  that includes the
glaze too! If it is shipped from another website, we cannot guarantee the nutritional
information..." (email 1/08/09)

Hormel Foods - - 1-800-523-4635 - Extensive Gluten-free Product List.
Brands such as (
Hormel, Chi-Chi's, Dinty Moore, Herb-ox, Black Label, Jennie-O
and more), You can also click on logo for individual gluten-free info. (website 8/12/10)

Hunt's - - Hunt's still does not have a gluten-free product list (website
(8/12/10). most Hunt's tomato products are gf (
Hunt's Ketchup and BBQ Sauce is NOT
). Hunt's Spaghetti Sauces gluten-free (except Four Cheese, Original Meat, &
Italian Sausage
) (08)

I Can't Believe It's Not Butter - FAQ - "At this time, all of our margarine and spread
products are gluten free."
(website 02/11/09)

Imagine Foods - - FAQ - All varieties of broths and soups except
Organic Creamy Chicken and Imagine Bistro Bisques are gluten free.(website 11/22/08)

Jay's - - see Snyders of Hanover, or call 1800-233-7125 ext.1410 (10/08)

Jewel (Albertson's, Acme, Equaline Good Day) - 1-877-932-7948 call for complete list

Johnsonville - - click Ingredients click View More Product Info for
each product - Johnsonville Original Brats, Original Breakfast Links, Italian Sausage
etc.(phone 09/11/08)

Kellogg's - - Kellogg's Eggo Syrup, Kellogg's Fruit Flavored Snacks and
Kellogg's Yogos are gluten-free (11/03/08) Rice Krispies Gluten Free avail June 2011

Ken's Foods - - (salad dressings etc) extensive list, click here (online

Kinnikinnick Foods Inc. - - 1-877-503-4466 - in some stores, can
also order on their site breads, mixes, desserts, cookies, donuts etc.(10/08)

Kitchen Basics - -  all Kitchen Basic Stocks (08)

Kraft & Nabisco -  Gluten ingredients are shown on label even if used as natural flavors,
etc. The grain source will be in parenthesis after the ingredient name. Vinegar used in
Kraft-branded products is gluten-free. (email 11-04-08)

Land O'Lakes - - FAQ - "To the best of our knowledge, the ingredients
in our natural dairy products (e.g., natural cheese and butter) do not contain gluten."
(website 02/11/09)

Lean Cuisine -  12 different freezer meals at this time (website 4/14/16)

Lea & Perrins - - FAQ - Worcestershire Sauce is gluten-free in U.S. (08)

Lipton Tea - not all gluten-free - "read all ingredient labels carefully" per email (1/23/09)

Lundberg Family Farms - -  Rice Products - Rice, Rice Cakes, Brown
Rice Pasta & more (08)
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