Gluten-free is more than a diet it's a Lifestyle!

ACH Food Companies, Inc. - Argo & Kingsford's 100% Corn Starch, Tone's, Durkees, &
Spice Islands spices (extensive list,
click here email 05/05/08)

Against the Grain Gourmet Baguettes, bagels, rolls, pizza
shells, pizzas (7/16/12)

Albertson's (Jewel, Acme, Equaline Good Day) - 1-877-932-7948 call for complete list

Allergaroo - - ready-made dishes in microwaveable pouches (05/07/09)

Amy's Kitchen - - click Products, click Special Diets, click Gluten-free,
Amy's Rice Mac & Cheese, Rice Crust Cheese Pizza, Rice Crust Spinach Pizza,
Shepherd's Pie, Garden Vegetable Lasagna (made with rice noodles), Black Bean
Enchilada Whole Meal, Cheese Enchilada Whole Meal, Teriyaki Bowl, and more...(08)

Argo & Kingsford's - - (ACH Food Companies) - Argo & Kingsford's
100% Pure Corn Starch (08)

Arizona Beverages - - FAQ - all tea and juice beverages are
gluten-free (07/18/12)

Arrowhead Mills - - click Gluten Free Products, dry mixes etc

A Taste of Thai - - no longer a list, but most items are gluten-free (click
on each individually): items such as their sauces, seasonings, quick meals, pastes,
rice...check label. Garlic Chili Pepper Sauce, Sweet Red Chili Sauce, Fish Sauce, Pad
Thai for Two, Rice Noodles, Coconut Ginger Soup and more...(08)

B&G Foods Inc - extensive list, click here Items such as Ac'cent, Emeril's Salad
Joan of Arc Beans, sauces, seasonings, salsas and more (email 04/28/08)

Bakery On Main - - Gluten-free Granola, Gluten-free Granola Bars, &
Gluten-free Granola Snack Bars (email 1/10/11)

Barlow's Gourmet Products Original, Chipotle, and Kicked-Up
Gourmet Sauce. Non-GMO. ALL gluten, MSG, HFCS, Preservative, Filler, and Color free.
(email 12/18/11)

Bel Brands U.S.A. - - to the best of their knowledge (Kaukauna,
Wispride, Merkts, Owl's Nest, and Connoisseur)
their Cheddar Cheese based Cold
Pack Cheese Spreads are gf: such products as cups, cheese balls; cheese logs in flavors
like Sharp, Extra Sharp Cheddar, Smoky Cheddar, Port Wine, and Swiss Almond (in
regular and Lite 50 varieties) (email 04/08 -
For all products that we add wheat gluten or
wheat flour; we will include them in the ingredients statement. We are also in the process
of adding a Contains Statement to our labels that will read "Wheat" if the products contain
wheat gluten or wheat starch.
) call 1-800-558-3500 questions (email 04/17/08)

Betty Crocker - - Gluten-free mixes (brownie, cookies, cakes) & recipes

Bigelow Tea - -  All their teas are formulated to be gluten-free (04/04/12)

Blue Bunny - - Nutrition Guide - gluten will be on label, most products
are gluten-free unless with obvious gluten ingredients such as cookie dough etc.

Bob's Red Mill - - under Our Products click Gluten Free, dry mixes...

Calorie Smart, and BOOST Glucose Control nutritional drinks are gluten-free. (
High Protein Powder Drink Mix is NOT gluten-free
) (website 7/18/12)

Borden Cheese - - cheeses are gluten-free (small amount of corn gluten may
be present)(email 05/14/08)

Bush's Best - - "All BUSH'S products made after May, 2010 are gluten-free."
"...reformulated our Chili Beans products and our Chili Magic Chili Starter products to no longer contain
wheat flour."  also dairy & casein free (website 6/19/13)

Campbell's - Chunky Soup (Chicken Broccoli Cheese), Select Soup (Savory Lentil), all
Campbell's Tomato Juice, all V8 Vegetable juices (including V8 V-Fusion Blends, V8
Splash Juice Blends, Diet V8 Splash Juice Blends), V8 Splash Smoothies - Strawberry
Banana (all sizes), all Pace Red Sauces...see by type (04/25/08)

Carnation Instant Breakfast - - click Products click
FAQ - Powders are gluten-free with the exception of Classic Chocolate Malt -
"Ready-to-Drink" contain barley extract and are not gluten-free (7/29/08)

CedarLane - "gluten-free" on box. Read labels carefully. (website 10/6/10)

Celestial Seasonings - - click on individual product, it will
state if product is gluten-free. (website 01/24/09)

Chebe Bread - - dry mixes and frozen dough (10/28/08)

Chronos Coffee -  rich and pleasantly balanced coffee blends (email

Classico - - click Flavors click FAQ - all of the Classico red and white
sauces are gluten-free (08)

The Coca-Cola Company - extensive list (email 04/24/08), click here

Con Agra Foods - - no list at this time, call 1-800-323-9980 for info

Contadina - see Del Monte Foods below

Conte's Pasta Company - - All natural pasta, pizza & more (3/31/09)

Custom Choice Cereal - - Create your own gluten-free cereal (6/17/10)

Dannon - - Dannon plain yogurts (Low fat, Non fat & Natural) are
gluten-safe (email 08)

Dean Foods - 1-800-395-7004 -does not maintain a gluten-free list, most plain fluid white
milk, sour cream and cottage cheese products do not contain any gluten,   (email 04/23/08)

DeBoles - - organic gluten-free pasta, many varieties (08)

Dei Fratelli - - click Healthier Living, all gluten-free except Tomato Soup

Del Monte Foods - - The list may change or may not be complete due to
formula changes or new product introductions. It's always best to read the ingredient
statement on the label for the most current information.
(email 05/05/08)
- All
Del Monte and S&W Canned/Jarred Fruits
- All Del Monte Fruit Snack Cups (Metal and Plastic, includes Del Monte Fruit Chillers)
- All Del Monte and S&W Canned Vegetables  
(excluding S&W Canned Dry Bean products
which are now produced and distributed by Faribault Foods)
- All Del Monte, Contadina, and S&W Tomatoes & Tomato Products (except Del Monte
Spaghetti Sauce Flavored with Meat, and Contadina Tomato Paste with Italian Herbs)
- Del Monte Harvest Selections Santa Fe Style Rice & Beans, and Homestyle Chili with
- Del Monte 100% Fruit Juices
StarKist Tuna (except Tuna Creations Herb & Garlic, Tuna Fillet Teriyaki, and the
crackers in Lunch Kits)
College Inn Garden Vegetable Broth and College Inn Organic Beef Broth.

Durkee - (spices, seasonings) extensive list, click here  (email 05/05/08)

Edy's - - click Flavor Finder, check Gluten-free, click Find It! (08)

Ener-G Foods - - many gluten-free items: breads, baking mixes, pastas,
crackers, muffins, doughnuts, snacks etc. (website 01/27/09)

Ensure - - all gluten-free  (Abbott Nutrition - email 7/29/08)

Fannie May - - 800-333-3629 - many gluten-free options! (email 9/13/08)

Farmer's Prepared Horseradish Old Fashioned, gluten-free on label (12/11)

French's - -  mustard questions? - all mustards are gluten-free (05/08)

Frito Lay -  extensive list (online 11/22/14)
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