Gluten-free is more than a diet it's a Lifestyle!


Albertson's, Acme, Jewel, Equaline Good Day Labels -  all Dips Gluten Safe (may
contain corn or rice, milk, egg, soy,) Avacado Dips, Clam Dips (clam), French Onion Dips,
Guacomale Dips, Ranch Dips (03/07 - mail 05/21/08)

EatSmart - Fat free Jalapeno & Lime Tres Bean Dip (05/03/08)

FRITO-LAY, LAY'S, TOSTITOS -  Bean Dip, Chili Cheese Dip, Hot Bean Dip,
Jalapeno & Cheddar Flavored Cheese Dip, Mild Cheddar Flavor Cheese Dip (website

Marie's - they have reformulated their Salad Dressings, Dips, & Fruit Glazes to remove
all wheat gluten from all their flavors (email 05/29/08)

T Marzetti - complete list of fruit dips, vegetable dips, dressings, etc.(email 3/3/09) click


Albertson's, Acme, Jewel, Equaline Good Day Labels - Salsa gluten-free, Picante
sauces (gluten safe)(03/07 - mail 05/21/08)

Dei Fratelli - Salsas, Tomatoes, Juices, Specialty Sauces, and Pasta Sauces all
gluten-free (only exception,
Tomato Soup is NOT gluten-free) (09/12/08)

EatSmart - Garden Style Sweet Salsa Dip,  Fire-Roasted Salsa, Flame Roasted Salsa
Con Queso, Fat free Jalapeno & Lime Tres Bean Dip,  (05/03/08)  

Emeril's - Original Recipe Medium Salsa, Kicked Up Chunky Hot Salsa, Southwest Style
Medium Salsa, Gaaahlic Lovers Medium Salsa (08)

LAS PALMAS - Red Chile Sauce, Red Enchilada Sauce, Crushed Tomatillos (04/28/08)

Neuman's Own -  Mild,  Medium,  Hot, Roasted Garlic,  Peach,  Pineapple,  Tequila Lime

Old El Paso - Cheese 'n Salsa: Medium & Mild, Thiick n' Chunky: Wild for Mild, Make
Mine Medium, & Gotta Have Hot,
also Taco Sauce: Medium, Hot, & Mild .  (NOT their
Enchiliada Sauces
(website 02/23/09)

Ortega -  all products: products are fully labeled for any presence of gluten or gluten
containing ingredients. (04/28/08)

Pace -  all Picante Sauces all sizes, all Thick and Chunky Salsas, all Thick and Chunky
Flavored Sauces chipotle, cilantro etc.), Organic Picante (mild & medium) (04/25/08)     

TOSTITOS - All Natural Hot Chunky Salsa, All Natural Medium Black Bean &
Corn Salsa, All Natural Medium Chunky Salsa, All Natural Mild Chunky Salsa, All Natural
Medium Picante Sauce, All Natural Mild Picante Sauce,  All Natural Medium Pineapple &
Peach Salsa,  Creamy Salsa, Salsa Con Queso, Spicy Queso Supreme (website
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