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Buffalo Wild Wings   

additional info (email 04//7/14)    Allergen List 02/10/2014

"...individual products are not placed into separate fryers so there is the potential of crossover
of fried items and oil in the fryers..."

Always ask if they use a designated fryer. Locations may vary. The new allergen list claims
the burger patty w/o a bun is gluten-free.

W/O Gluten:  
Traditional Chicken Wings (get sauce on the side)
Naked Tenders with and w/o grill seasoning (NOT breaded)
Ultimate Nachos, Ultimate Nachos w/Chicken
Corn Tortilla Chips (check if designated fryer)
Red Salsa, Chili Con Queso Dip
Pulled Pork only
Grilled Chicken Breast Only
Burger Patty w/o bun
Honey BBQ Chicken Salad w/Cheese
Cole Slaw
French Fries (check if designated fryer)
Buffalo Chips (check if designated fryer)
Ice Cream w/Choc Sauce or Caramel Sauce

Teriyaki Wing Sauce GLUTEN
Asian Zing Wing Sauce  GLUTEN
Thai Curry Sauce  GLUTEN
Light Asian Sesame dressing GLUTEN


(email  3/04/09)

Please note the preparation process below for the fried items in regards to the crossover of
food. The Naked chicken tenders do not contain gluten however they are cooked on the grill.  
They should not be cooked on the same part of the grill as the burgers and they should use
separate utensil (however I cannot guarantee).  
You can speak with the manager at the location.

Preparation Processes:
- Our Traditional Wings are a fresh chicken product that we deep fry at 350'F and shake in
the sauce of choice.
- Our Boneless Wings are a breaded chicken product that is also fried at 350'F and then
shook in the sauce of choice. The same container is used to sauce the boneless and the
traditional wings.

- Our grilled chicken products and burger products are cooked on a 550'F char broiler, a grill
seasoning is applied at the time of cooking the seasoning does contain Dairy and Soy.  
The Burgers do contain gluten.   
- Our Tortilla chips are fried fresh in the restaurant.

As a note, in the preparation process of all our fried items we do not segregate
individual product into separate fryers when they are cooked so there is the
potential of crossover of fried items and oil in the fryers.

In regards to the frying oil, we use a Beef Tallow Shortening from Cargill to fry all of our
The Shortening Ingredient Statement Lists: Deodorized Beef Tallow, BHT and Citric Acid (to
protect flavor), Dimethylpolysiloxane (added as a stabilizer).

We hope you find this information helpful.

Buffalo Wild Wings - Research and Development
5500 Wayzata Blvd Suite 1600
Minneapolis, MN 55416

Info from  "Allergen List" &  "Product Specification Sauces DEC 2008.pdf"

All sauces are gluten-free except Teriyaki Sauce and Asian Zing Sauce (see below)
*  I purchase their sauces all the time and serve with  chicken, shrimp, pork, etc.

French Fries, Buffalo Chips, Buffalo Chips with Cheese are all gluten-free. Check if they use a
dedicated fryer at the restaurant you visit.

Burgers DO contain gluten

Traditional Wings and Naked Tenders are gluten-free (see Preparation Processes above) get
sauce on the side not tossed ahead of time.

  • BW-3 Sweet BBQ Sauce                       
  • BW-3 Teriyaki Sauce - WHEAT
  • BW-3 Mild Wing Sauce - EGGS
  • BWW Parmsan Garlic Sauce - EGG, DAIRY
  • Buffalo Wild Wings Medium Wing Sauce - EGGS
  • BWW Honey BBQ Sauce
  • BWW Spicy Garlic Sauce - EGGS
  • BWW Asain Zing Sauce - WHEAT
  • BW-3 Carribean Jerk Wing Sauce
  • Buffalo Wild Wings Hot BBQ Sauce
  • BWW Hot Wing Sauce - EGGS
  • BWW Mango Habanero Sauce
  • BW-3 Wild Wing Sauce - EGGS
  • BW-3 Blazin' Wing Sauce - EGGS
  • BW-3 Honey Mustard Sauce - EGGS
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